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max 2400 spm

Stitchtype 301

Number of
 needles 2

Feed type
stepping motor

Stitch length 2,5 mm

Gauge 12 mm standard

Needletype 190 R
230/380 V 3Ph
50/60 Hz
1:1 - 2:1

PW 1845 - Automatic pocket welting machine suitable to sew single or double welt and flap sewing.

Standard needle gauge 12 mm. Stacker available as an option.


* Machinespeed depends on type of operation and/or materials to be sewn.

                      GlobalŪ PW 1845 Series

The GlobalŪ PW 1845 is a Automatic Pocket Welting Machine Realized by Advanced Technology of Japan.
All functions are in LSC inquiry system. Adjustment for stitch length, tab knife, center knife can be operated easily.

Common features

- Starting operations are shown bij illustrations. Display of how to sew and how to adjustcenter knife, tab knife and stacker are used can    be seen at a glance.Five kinds of stitch length can memorized.

- Maximum sewing size of 200 mm, 180 mm, 160 mm are adjustable, saving loss of unnecessary feeding volume is to increase production efficiency.

- Cycle sewing can be set out of eight kinds.

- Equipped with breakdown diagnosis monitor, troubled points such as defect of upper death point and rise of center knife are displayed.


Changeble patch-guide with teflon coating


Easy to exchange tap knives





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